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How Are Cheap Air Tickets Changing the Way We Travel?

Flight booking can be overwhelming. But are the times changing? Maybe they are. Are cheaper airfares making it easy for people to explore more? Is it just about the money or great deals that are too tempting to let go of. Cheap travel is not just about saving the buck, anymore.

There was a time when air travel meant exhausting Google searches for cheap air tickets. This is long before the times when you would rely on the integrity and honesty of your travel agent to give you best deals on air tickets.  Even when there was a great deal available, it would come with a slew of “conditions apply”. Well, the tables have turned. Air travel is becoming cheaper than ever before. To the extent, you can easily book the most affordable available flights to any destination. And this is changing the way people travel. How?

  1. Travel Is Now Affordable

Gone are the days when a big budget decided the vacation. You can easily book a flight to any city at an affordable price and spend the rest of your money in enjoying the place. There was a time when you couldn’t afford a ticket to the nearest domestic destination and travellers would hesitate to even explore beyond a few cities, until necessary. Affordability is now the key.

  1. Explore More With Cheap Air Fare 

Cheaper flight tickets just mean you can explore the tucked away corners of the country by just flying to the central city. After that, all you need is a smart budget for the local transport in the town. For instance, if you want to go all the way to Coorg and the ticket for Bengaluru falls within your budget, you don’t have to worry about taking a local taxi or bus to Coorg. It’s making people plan smart and explore more.

  1. Planned Vacays Are a Thing Of The Past 

With such affordable air tickets available with flights like Indigo, JetLite, Air India, etc., there’s no need to plan in advance. Affordable travel has taken away the need for plans. And weekends are not the only time for travel anymore. Midweek trips at affordable prices are the new cool. This trend is also making travelling with family more comfortable, as you don’t need an elaborate budget, even for last minute bookings.

  1. Domestic Destinations Are Trending

It’s not about a Thailand trip anymore. With cheaper air travels to a city like Kerela, Bengaluru, etc., travellers are now keen on exploring what India has to offer. The flights to these cities are affordable, which makes it easy to travel in and around them. It’s more value for their money.

According to a survey, it only costs an average person close to $10 to travel 100 km on a commercial flight, cheaper than some of our neighbouring countries, like China. These are exciting times for air travel with the recent trends of falling fares.

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