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Learn About the Different Countries of South America

South America is one of the most promising destinations if you are looking for a new place to spend your vacation with. It comes with 12 countries and each of these countries has something unique and exciting things to offer. If you are about to travel with your entire family, picking one country that is part of this magical continent is surely worth your valuable time. You will surely have a time of your life in South America travel. However, for you to pick the best place for you to spend your vacation with, you must first learn about your options.


Here are your options in alphabetical order:

Argentina – this is a massive South American nation that is popular for tango dance and music. Its capital city is Buenos Aires and in here you will find the colorful Caminito. In Argentina you will also see the famous Iguazu Falls, Los Graciares National Park and La Boca Buenos Aires.

Brazil – this is also one of your options and for sure you already heard a lot about this country especially that this is quite famous for their Brazilian beauties. However, aside from their beautiful women, they also have fantastic beaches.

Chile – this is a long narrow country with Santiago as its capital. There are a number of interesting things to do here such as enjoying the Andean view of Santiago, checking out the Plaza de Armas Square and still a lot more.

Colombia – this is a country that is nestled in the north tip of South America. Here you will find numerous coffee plantations and Andes mountains. Here you will find what most tourists considered as their refuge which is the Palomino beachtown.

Ecuador – you also have the option to experience the beauty and endowments of this country that is straddling in the west coast of South America. Some of the best things you can do here are: checking out the Compania de Jesus Church, taking a look at the Cotopaxi National Park, Surveying the Pichincha Volcano and still a lot more.

Peru – Lima, Peru is the capital of Peru and being the capital, it is the most populated city. Here in Peru, you can visit the Lima which is the city of kings. Some of the things you can do here are: visiting the Plaza de Armas Square, Miraflores with its stunning panoramic views and still a lot more.

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