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Planning a Complete Travel Itinerary in North India

For those who like history, culture, food and amazing places in the lap of nature, the northern part of India is easily the best choice for them. There are endless things that can be enjoyed here, and planning isn’t hard at all. The good thing about northern part of the country is the mix of culture and the development in the urban sector. In short, you will most people and locals understanding English and easy on cooperation. If you are planning your travel plans for northern India, these are tips that can come quite handy.


Start with the hill stations

There are plenty of hill stations in the northern side, probably more than most other parts of the country. From Leh, Ladakh and Kashmir, to the smaller gems like Dalhousie, Lansdowne, and Mussorie, the choices are many. Also, you can choose to go to Manali or Rishikesh, which happen to be one of the best places in India for white river rafting, camping and trekking. The best way to cover the maximum places is to have your own car. Take a rental car and you can cover most of the locations with ease.

A fun stay plan at Delhi

Being the national capital of the country, Delhi is among the most developed cities, and yet, parts of it remain in the historic past and the archeological sites here are just beyond excellence. In fact, if you want to stay in northern India and have fun, it is best to hire a flat here and have your own freedom for movement within budget. You can check a real estate website, where you will find flats and apartments on rent, and you can be assured of traveling more within your comfort zone in Delhi and taking trips to other parts of the region.

Enjoy a long extended vacation

Northern India never ceases to surprise, and therefore, an extended vacation here should be on your cards. Make sure to take a religious trip along the banks of Haridwar and Varanasi and find time to indulge in a yoga school somewhere in Rishikesh and the outskirts. Also, the roads here are excellent, especially when you stick to the highways, and it is advisable to have a driver along to ensure that traveling remains easy and effective.

With the right kind of planning, northern India can be a never ending experience with plenty of tales along the way.

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