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Preparing for a Trip to Russia to Watch the 2018 World Cup

While most of us will stream World Cup with VPN, there are those who will decide to go to Russia to catch the live action as it unfolds before them. However, before embarking on the journey to watch the long awaited 2018 FIFA world cup, there are essential considerations to make before packing your bags. Invest some time upfront to cover your bases by taking care of these crucial to-dos.

Passport and Visa Requirements

If this is your first time traveling to Russia, you need ample time to process a passport. Passport processing takes up to four weeks. You should check the Russian Passport requirements are for instance, how long the visa should stay valid at the time of your visit. For those who already have passports, you should check and renew your passports or visas before they expire. Most state departments recommend renewal nine months before the passport is set to expire. As a security measure, make photocopies of your passport and visa information and pack them separately.

Review Travel Warnings and Advisories

Pay attention to travel advisories and warnings issued by your state department about Russia and whether your stay there will cause discomfort or insecurity. Watch out for alerts on political unrest, travel issues, instability and other issues. Whereas such advisories do not typically derail your travel, they help you avoid inconveniences and plan your trip accordingly while abroad. Equally important, you should look into travel insurances for your trip to Russia.

Prepare a budget

Your travel and stay in Russia might be smoother if you plan a budget and stick to it. You should start by estimating your total budget over the whole time you will be there and break it down into estimated daily expenditure. Approximating the length of your stay can ease the management of your budget in Russia during the 2018 World Cup. Plan for the cost of food, transport, and accommodation and include additional funds for unexpected expenses.

Make a Personalized Itinerary

Get organized and make your plans and arrangements. Get the necessary vaccinations and prescription requirements for your trip. Book your flights in time and register your trip. Notify family or friends of your whereabouts and write down their contact information in case of emergencies. Prioritize the must-do activities abroad and also include time to relax. Plan a route and visit places that interest you. Consider the transportation options in your destination for instance trains, taxis, or rental cars for your movement from one place to another.

Pack Appropriately

Packing for a long trip overseas is one of the most daunting tasks for travelers, which is why you need to plan well before taking the trip. You should pack depending on the approximate length of your stay. Make sure that you prepare a packing list beforehand to avoid the inconvenience of missing something or leaving something behind. Your destination should also factor into this decision. For instance, do they have sockets modeled for your devices? Can you find some of the things on your packing list in Russia?

The Takeaway

Effective planning long before you take the trip significantly influences your experience after you travel to Russia. Having everything in order ensures that you have less time to worry and more time to enjoy the 2018 World Cup and its host country.

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