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Visit the Most Luxurious – and Oldest – Casinos in Europe

Europe is a place apart when it comes to casinos. It has its share of modern venues where people can play their favorite games of chance, but it also has many establishments that stand out with their architecture, history and fame. Europeans also have a different view on gambling altogether. Due to their more liberal stance on the matter – they can be playing online casino games at whenever they want, wherever they are – Europeans view casinos as a different type of venue, a place where they dress up and make their experience special. And, considering how some of their most famous casinos look and feel, I’m not surprised.

Kurhaus Wiesbaden – the most spectacular casino in Germany

Wiesbaden was for a long time well known for its thermal springs – even the Romans recognized its value. In the early 19th century the town was selected to house a new resort, complete with a casino, to attract more of the times’ high society away from Paris. At the opening ceremony of the Kurhaus, Kaiser Wilhelm II called the resort “das schönste Kurhaus der Welt” (the most beautiful spa in the world). And he was right.


The number of visitors to the Wiesbaden spa has grown from just 20,000 in 1840 to over 200,000 by 1910. And visitors keep flowing to the venue even today, attracted by its fantastic environment and quality services.

Casinó di Venezia

The palace that houses the Venice casino – Ca’ Vendramin Calergi – was built in the early 16th century for the Loredan family. Due to financial difficulties, the building was sold in 1581 to Julius, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, who only kept it for two years. The building has changed hands several times until 1959, when the city of Venice bought it, transforming it into the host of the Casinó Municipale di Venezia.

The building is a marvel of the Baroque architecture, and offers its visitors one of the most spectacular environments, with amazing murals, beautiful chandeliers and sculptures. Every year the building attracts thousands of visitors – art lovers and gamblers alike.

Casino de Monte-Carlo

There are two things even the common folk will know about Monaco, the minuscule principality next to France: its Formula 1 Grand Prix and its famous casino. But it’s not just a casino – it’s actually an entertainment complex that includes several casinos, a theater, and restaurants and bars. It is the most famous venue of its kind in the world – it served as an inspiration for several literary works, including Ian Fleming’s famous Casino Royale, and as a backdrop for several movies, including several James Bond movies.


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